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Title: Storm of Roses: A Compilation of Poetry and Short Stories

Revised Edition, Forthcoming 2020

Originally published in 2006, Storm of Roses, winner of the Best Books National Book Award in Poetry and an award-winning finalist in the "Indie Excellence 2007" Book Awards in the Poetry category, has been updated to incorporate revisions of select short stories, making it an even more tantalizing collection of literary art.

With bold musings about pleasure, pain, life, death, anger, spirituality, nature, compassion, fantasies and daydreams, this compilation is a provoking celebration of wisdom.

Within these pages, E. Tara Scurry delivers an intense and enchanting debut assortment of over 90 poems and 11 short stories written when she was between 7 and 23 years old.

A unique take at poetry and story-telling, Storm of Roses fluctuates convincingly from dark to sunny and violent to serene. Exceptionally captivating, it’s a gathering of pieces for the tenacious and resilient.


“They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. With a title like “Storm of Roses,” it’s hard to tell whether E. Tara Scurry’s first book of poetry is meant to be dark or sunny. But perhaps that’s the point.”
- The Silver Spring Gazette

"She has a very promising literary career ahead of her!”

"She has touched my life."
– Debra Gaynor, Reader

"Young poet catches readers by ‘Storm’ by Monica Hogan"
-Editorial Review, Staff Writer, The Silver Spring Gazette

“E. Tara Scurry is a bright, new and upcoming author. Storm Of Roses is a great balance of internal conflict and reality. This book will make you wrestle with your own beliefs!”
– Squire Servance, Staff Editor - Duke Journal of Gender law & Policy

“This book is going to make it to the bathroom. That's where my serious reading is!"
– Dennis Jr., M.D.

"Your book amazes me. For a young girl you run the gaunt of emotions. Your knowledge of love...which I am an expert in; my marriage was a beautiful one - your simplicity ("Sad Faces"), your depth of feelings throws me as an older person - How did you get there so soon? However, theology, we come from different places. For me, peace comes in life, not death. This pervading thought for me didn't take away from the brilliance of your writing."
– Muriel Rains, Florida

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