SPARK: A Story and Poems Lit Aflame (Signed Paperback) PRE-ORDER

"It’s dark, it’s beautifully twisted and I’m happy to have had a chance to read it." – Madison Drake, Copy Editor, Content Editor, Proofreader & Beta Reader

“This is a really a strong story, it stuck with me for days after reading!” – Ryan McDonough, Millennial Storyteller, TV/Film Writer & Ghostwriter

With a story that tests your resolve and poems that reverberate long after they’ve been read, Spark: A Story and Poems Lit Aflame presents a raw, unapologetic voice on divinity, survival, and cruelty. Spark is the pre-release “single” from the long anticipated revised edition of Storm of Roses: A Compilation of Poetry and Short Stories.

This is an essential read for curious readers’ eager for their first bite of E. Tara Scurry’s thought-provoking literary art. Spark begins with its 7,000-word title piece about an abused girls tipping point that forces her to seek revenge by telling disgusting lies.

Not a story for the faint, heed the disclaimer for violence, miscarriage, torture, abuse and cannibalism. After your resolve is tested, E. Tara Scurry sprinkles you with an insightful selection of sixteen poems that synthesize a deep connection with our actions, choices, and their impact on the world around us.

~*~Note: Publication Date THIS SUMMER!

This "single" is FREE. Shipping is on me! As soon as the book is released, it will be sent to the address you provide. While you wait, I invite you to (1) Enjoy and comment on my blog where I write about about justice, book reviews, inclusion, and social commentary and (2) Pre-order Storm of Roses here which will be released this fall.

If you like SPARK, you will LOVE Storm of Roses. Thank you so much for your support! :)!

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