Pre-Publication Critique via Moon Rose Reviews

I offer Editorial Reviews & Pre-publication reviews through my Moon Rose Reviews business.

We work with Creators that value investing in honest, worthwhile, and open-minded reviews and critiques as a springboard toward reaching their goals.
As the best investment in open-minded editorial reviews and critiques, we specialize in unbiased reviews for unconventional books and independent films.

Our specialty is providing unbiased, open-minded and fair reviews for works that are considered controversial, unconventional, or otherwise not mainstream. If your creative work doesn’t fall into those categories, that’s fine too. We review all books that fit into our accepted genres.

Professional editorial reviews and critiques are investments. Your goal is to invest smartly. With a positive review you’ll be able to leverage it into your various marketing efforts. With a critical review, you’ll be able to take that information and make the improvements you need to be successful.

Creatives should have multiple types of reviews for their work to help solidify their credibility and attract potential readers. Peer reviews by other authors and consumer reviews by readers and fans have their place and are important. Here at Moon Rose Reviews, we fill in that gap by offering professional Editorial and pre-publication editorial reviews. Once an author has all four, they are in the best position for success and the opportunities it brings. For books, our reviews can be found on, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles.

For films, we can post our reviews on the website of your choice, such as Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb.

Our reviews are completed within 4-7 weeks of receiving your PDF or physical copy of your creative work (if a film, you may send us a link or DVD), signed customer agreement, and full payment. In our Editorial Reviews, we rate work from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest. For YouTube Video Reviews, we will articulate the written editorial review by video, reading it aloud. We will also share information about the author and where the work being reviewed can be purchased.

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